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Brief Terms of Use
Please review these Terms of Use before purchasing a BISSflix Streaming Video Access Pass.

(1) You agree to pay for any Video Pass that you order.  If for any reason you cancel or put a hold on payment for the streaming video services, your account will be immediately suspended and you will lose access to the streaming video. 

(2) You may enjoy unlimited use of the streaming video service for the duration of your pass.  Timed access will be granted to the videos according to the type of pass that you purchased.  Viewing Time Remaining for your pass is displayed at the bottom of the video player on every video page.

(3) The BISSflix Terms of Use allow only ONE active stream on one device at a time per account.  Concurrent logins - two users, two streams on the same account - are NOT allowed.

(4) The BISSflix streaming video service allows up to 3 authorized browser devices per account. If you use three different browsers on one computer (e.g. Chrome, Firefox & Safari) it counts as three devices. If you use one browser on each of your laptop, tablet and phone, it counts as three devices.

(5) BISSflix is only responsible for SENDING the streaming video signal. Once the signal hits the Internet, there is no control over the number of servers it goes through, the distance it travels, or any of the conditions surrounding the reception on the other end. Accordingly, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for Video Passes if the RECEIVE signal is not viewable.

(6) You are NOT allowed to record, download, copy, rebroadcast, post to social media or in any other manner manipulate the BISSflix streaming videos.  Your purchase of a streaming video pass is an individual license granted to one person solely for private non-commercial viewing of the videos.  Violations of these terms can result in serious Federal and International copyright infringement prosecution, the penalties of which include up to $250,000 per instance in fines and even incarceration.

Whether you view the streaming video or not, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for any reason on any streaming video passes!